Sunday, August 24, 2014

cloud de menthe

I had to take a quick break for a long-hours summer course but the end result is a lot of new polish and two new acrylic racks! 

I don't know where I first spotted this baby, but the first thing I thought was an OPI Creme de Menthe dupe! I don't know if I'm right and probably never will, but I compared it to the other minty gold shimmer I have and it's quite different. It's perhaps a bit lighter looking and less dusty than Creme de Menthe. My first Jessica and the polish had a perfect application and long wear time. I also got so many compliments!

Cloud Mine. Sunlight.

Cloud Mine. Sunlight.

Cloud Mine. Indoor light.

Cloud Mine. Sunlight.

Jessica Cloud Mine vs. Chelsea Baja Green

Cloud Mine bottle. Sunlight.

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