Saturday, September 13, 2014

Green Eggs and Spam

I don't have a lot of photos I like lately--so here's some old (mostly) green spam I have saved up.

The last pictures are of Jasper Jade when I first found it. My amazing dad's wife (stepmom, am I too old for a stepmom?) gifted me her incredible collection of vintage OPIs and hundreds of other nail polishes and there were some true gems in there. I snuck in a pic of when I first spotted it amidst the masses and almost fainted. 

Jade Holographico Energy. Indoor lighting.

OPI Black Onyx and spectraflair topcoat accent. Sunlight.

Jasper Jade with terrible shrinkage! Indoor light.

Jasper Jade with terrible shrinkage and EP Djinn in a Bottle. Flash.

The moment I'd never thought would come...thank you!

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