Thursday, April 25, 2013


Another new one, though apparently not even the newest (slow down, people!!), it seems I just can't keep up with new kittens and school. But I didn't want to keep going until it reached an entire month without a post. This beautiful black polish from the Zoya Pixie Dust collection is called Dahlia and was gifted from a lovely polish friend. 

I sort of held off on posting because I wanted to take a shot of the bottle before I posted it and I couldn't find it when I was taking pictures *kicks self* bottle shot to come. In the bottle it just looks like a boring black and silver glitter polish.

These Pixie Dust polishes seem to really sparkle when the light catches them and then dull a little in the shade, giving two different looks. My boyfriend commented on the black several times and actually seemed sad when I took this one off, "it's like you've got asphalt on your nails!" Cute. 


  1. I'm SO glad I gave this to you because it looks a zillion times better on you than on me :) I think guys gravitate toward black polish because James was upset that I didn't do a full mani in this lol

  2. Haha@ James!! Aww. I do think guys like black polish--they secretly want to wear it ;p Ben got me the black OPI sand and was very excited about it, too! I really like this one Joni, thank you for sending it my way!