Friday, April 5, 2013

jo'mean it's only $7?!

I was lucky to find this and a couple other Illamasquas for $7 at the JCP Sephora sale! Awesome! 

After seeing getting this for a friend and seeing many swatches, I actually thought it was a purple that might work for me and a gorgeous color in general. One of those "neon pastels" that is so interesting. I think they describe it as "electric lilac." 

Formula? Perfection. Color? Amazing--a bit hard to get a good pic, better to see in person.

Not really a fan of any of my glitter attempts. Did the crop to give an idea of how it looks sans toppings.

Jo'mina. Sunlight.

w/Lynnderella (l-r) Evermore, Magic Fairy Stars, LLL

Jo'mina. Love, Lace, and Lilacs Sunlight.
Jo'mina. Bottle. Sunlight.

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  1. This is a purple that looks good on you! I love it with MFS!