Monday, July 7, 2014

new year, new polish

A long time ago (this January) I got this lovely shade of deep green peacock/evergreen/dark blue (what is it?) from Enchanted. While it had some serious behavior issues, it was certainly a beautiful color with a lot of sparkle. 

This polish was so heavily pigmented that it went on seriously thick. If I thought it could have been level in one coat I would have only done one. I believe the intensity of the pigment is what also caused it to become brittle and dry and chip overnight. I have seen a few of these gorgeous but challenging polishes from EP lately, but there seems to be a shift to different styles. 

Different lighting, angles, backgrounds.

January 2014. Indoor lighting.

January 2014. Indoor lighting.

January 2014. Sunlight (bad phone pic).

Bottle comparisons! January 2014, Glitter Gal Lizard Belly
Colors by Llarowe Oh Christmas Tree

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