Friday, June 22, 2012

Here Goes Nothing

Let's start this post with a few disclaimers such as:
I'm going to be in a state of trial and error for awhile. So if anyone is reading, please bear with me, my nail shape and length, pardon my paint jobs, and likely my sad, needy ew-ticles (cuticles :-(). This blog will exist in part, to help me learn to better paint and care for my nails, take better nail photos, as well as to showcase my own personal adoration for the artistry of polish and expression through color, textures, and general shininess. Here we go :)

That being said, Welcome to My Little Blog!!
It's small, but mine.  

Pretty and Polished for this post, accented by a favorite Revlon Streetwear from grade school, Taxi. For the following photos coats are as follows: two coats of Jawbreaker and three coats of Taxi, all polishes were layered over a basecoat and topped with Poshe topcoat. 

Jawbreaker was my first and ultimate indie polish lemming (especially that I've been able to complete). I traded Dior Saint Tropez, in box for it. I was obsessed with all the swatches of JB because even though I don't necessarily like my pics as much (and I am SURE to do it again as a full mani for pics :D), the swatches I saw truly looked like a jawbreaker candy. 

Jawbreakers never tasted good to me, but surely a cool, retro effect to be able to recreate in a polish, and an incredibly original idea. Not to disappoint in person--probably better, actually. Like many white polishes, mine seemed to goo up a bit over time, and I added a bit of thinner with no issue. Jawbreaker (the polish) is packed with smallish green bars (no issues with mine), GIANT red squares (my bottle has it's own shot glass and I store it upside down in it because the GIANT red squares tend to sink to the bottom due to their weight and do require a bit of fishing), red, blue, yellow/gold hex glitter, and tiny lavender/purple glitter, in a milky-like white base. 

I <3 JB and totally intend on doing a post devoted entirely to it, soon. The first time I wore it, if you can believe it, it stayed on for five days with the most minimal tip wear.

After seeing some Revlon Streetwear polish bottles on a blog, I was struck with immediate nostalgia and one word came to mind: "Taxi." I remembered this polish and after searching, came upon it. It seemed to have thinned a lot over time as it took three coats of very careful application to get a non-streaky, solid look. But holy subtle shimmer!!!

I seriously recommend allowing maximum dry time between coats as well. IMO it's worth all the waiting. It dried to a gorgeous, eye-burning bright truly taxi-yellow with somewhat of a plasticine quality and a super subtle shimmer nearly worthy of RBL.

Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker and Revlon Streetwear Taxi. Sunlight.

Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker and Revlon Streetwear Taxi. Shaded Sunlight.
Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker and Revlon Streetwear Taxi. Artificial Light.

Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker and Revlon Streetwear Taxi. Shady artificial light.

Jawbreaker bottle macro <3

Revlon Streetwear Taxi. Flash (trying to show the extent of the shimmer).
Revlon Streetwear. Taxi.

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