Monday, June 25, 2012

We made it!

Post number dos. Zwei. Deux. Two! So it's a multilingual milestone for me, here. Post number two!!

Today are pictures of another lovely polish from Pretty and Polished. I heard P+P is going to Llarowe for distribution. Congratulations, P+P! I'm very happy to hear that everyone is so happy with this arrangement. While I planned on ordering through a wishlist from Llarowe for months that never happened, so now I have more to spend on P+P. Yay! I have to say I also really think P+P does a fantastic job already, so maybe it will not be an exclusive distribution? Not sure.

 Just to illustrate how great P+P is, though: I have three other handmade ("indie" or what have you) polish orders out and in the same amount of time I have received three already from P+P. I'm quite excited to own and wear many, many more! (Bayou Blitz, your neon goodness will be mine, if only someday!!)

Today the P+P polished I have is Party on My Yacht:

POMY is a milky white jellyish base, opaque in two coats, populated with small but not mini sized hex glitter in fuschia, purple, gold, and kelly green. It has a sparse amount of turquoise bar glitter, which I think may be a thinner width than some bar glitters. I would perhaps like a tiny bit more bar glitter, I know some people are adverse to it, but I had maybe one on every other finger. Maybe one on every finger and two on some? I guess that's asking a lot, come to think of it :p

A cute and unique polish great for the Spring and Summer seasons--very "party," hence the name, I guess :) 

PoMY. Close up. Artificial light.

It applies nicely with what I've seen call "dab and disperse" method for glitter heavy polishes, if you're trying to fish out the bar glitters, if not, glitter is well suspended. It's also helpful to let each coat dry about five minutes in between (or as long as you can bear to wait) because as most white polishes do, I find this one (like Jawbreaker) tends to get a tad bit gooey for me. I love the fast dry time when topped with Poshe!

PoMY. Artificial light.

PoMY. Flash/Artificial light.

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