Monday, December 31, 2012

50 fairy stars

-->It’s been a challenge to write this post—not because it’s hard to describe the content, but because the holidays can be stressful for many, because I had a birthday, I missed my monthly blogging goals due to stupid hospitalization, and because it’s the end of the year and here I am with a lot of beautiful, wonderful things in a time of turmoil. Isn’t it strange how tragedy and loss can bear beauty? 

This year has given much.
Magic Fairy Stars is a polish I was fortunate enough to get from Lynnderella and all the people of Lynnderella (and the help of the ever marvelous and wonderful special amazing thanks to Joni most faithful blog reader). The proceeds from this polish are being split between two charities in NY and NJ communities affected by hurricane Sandy.
Here it is shown over RBL Grunge, though it looks great over a variety of shades.
This beautiful polish features a ridiculous amount of glitter shapes and sizes. There are squares and hexes of course and a large dose of beautiful tiny stars--also thrown in is a dash of moons and large-sized stars. I wish these pictures were better, but I swear if you click on the FULL SIZE they look better.

Magic Fairy Stars, Grunge. Natural Light.

Magic Fairy Stars, Grunge. Natural Light.
Magic Fairy Stars. Macro Bottle.


  1. Ok, so the stars & moons aren't as wacky as I thought they would be (you know me & my wacky glitter shapes). It looks great over Grunge!

  2. Tbh I was a little worried about the wackiness at first too ;) You know, what with my moon hatred! But these moons lay completely flat, which was a huge surprise and the baby stars were SOOOO pretty. Being the special polish that it was, I kind of felt like I should get it and am really glad I did :DDDD Thanks for thinking of me, Joni <3