Monday, December 3, 2012


I realize I only did four posts last month! Boo. Hoping for more this month despite holiday madness. 

Here's Nicole Just Busta Mauve, a Target exclusive. I would love to have the other glitter colors from this collection. See Scrangie's swatch of this, it's much better than mine. I probably should have used four coats and she may have...I only used three and there's some vnl. I think a dreaded four coats would have given a bit more depth and color here, as the polish was surprisingly sheer.

I found this to be a pretty awesome and different glitter. If I remember correctly it's a super concentrated fine tiny plum (I don't see mauve but I guess it could be dark mauve) and cobalt blue microglitter in a sheer base. I'm going to double check this though.

Double awesome is that even though it's a glitter, it has a duochrome effect. Yes! It shines warm plum, deep copper, and a strange sort of grey in different lighting. Amazing. Have you been tempted by any of the awesome Nicole colors lately? I love some of the holiday colors.

Just Busta Mauve. Natural Light.

Just Busta Mauve. Natural Light.

Just Busta Mauve, blurry sparkle. Natural Light.
Just Busta Mauve, close up. Natural Light.

Just Busta Mauve. Bottle shot. Natural Light.

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