Friday, November 30, 2012

Not Quite Yet...

I forgot to use China Glaze's new green holiday polish which I can't remember the name of and grabbed Wet n' Wild Poison Ivy from their Fall Pick Your Poison collection, one of the most beautiful greens I've ever seen. 

Some issues with Poison Ivy are that it has the WORST BRUSH EVER. In the world ever. See picture. Then if you want to clean up with a brush, it stains skin really badly so you walk around with greenish black skin for a day. I'm considering switching the bottle out, because then it would almost be the perfect polish :)

I'm almost on to holiday colors, but not quite yet, so right now I'm sorry that reader(s) will have to settle for seeing another Lynnderella Inner Space mani. I was going for a subtle gradient effect here. I still haven't done pictures of this with the perfect base color (I've got to ration my Inner Space from now on and save it for perfect bases ;p), but I *loved* it with Lippmann's Fashion. What do ya like to wear with multicolor glitters?

Lynnderella Innerspace, Wet n' Wild Poison Ivy. Natural Light.

Lynnderella Innerspace, Wet n' Wild Poison Ivy. Bottle shots. Natural Light.

Wet n' Wild Poison Ivy. Bottle shot. Natural Light.
Wet N' Wild bad brush! :(


  1. This makes me want Inner Space. I LOVE the gradient!

  2. Thank you! I love a good glitter gradient...I mean a really good one. I'll keep practicing :)