Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gobble Goblin

I'll call this my Thanksgiving mani though it wasn't. China Glaze Glitter Goblin and Essence Colour & Go Gorgeous Bling Bling. 

Glitter Goblin is an indeterminably colored (to me) little glitter (not micro glitter though?). The only glitter I can really determine the color of in this polish is the deep orange/red ochre colored glitter. The other glitter may just be a very holographic silver that flashes green, purple, and a bit gold. It's surprisingly sparse and patchy in application despite it's super glittery nature. Here's three coats. GG was SO HARD to remove. SO HARD! Also, it dried to a fairly gritty finish so I used two coats of my favorite HK Girl Top Coat (see picture) after waiting for it to dry a bit

Gorgeous Bling Bling is...well, a strange name for this polish. It does have yellow gold flakies and a bit of a shimmer, but it's not the polish I'd think of when I hear "bling." The base color is a somewhat burnt orange and reminds me a little of that Crayola crayon, "Bittersweet." The formula is great though--super smooth, opaque, and easy to apply. I love these Colour & Go polishes because even though their staying power is pretty bad, they dry faster than anything else I've used. I hope you've been able to try some, even if it's a funky color like this one ;p

Have you been seeing a lot of these orangey colors lately? RBL Santa Fe, OPI Schnapps Out of It...perhaps there are more?

Glitter Goblin and Gorgeous Bling Bling. Natural Light.

Glitter Goblin and Gorgeous Bling Bling. Natural Light.

Glitter Goblin and Gorgeous Bling Bling bottles. Natural Light.

Glitter Goblin and Hong Kong Girl Top Coat!

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