Friday, November 16, 2012

Miso Excited!

It's been a really long time since I posted...and for a good reason! I am currently employed and though it is very part time right now, I've still been busy and adjusting to a new schedule has been tough on my nails, believe it or not. 

It took me a long time to find this polish for a reasonable price (ie not on eBay) and I really *needed* to--I mean, you've gotta understand because I've read it's the only dupe/semi-dupe out there for RBL's Plie (see crappy comparison pic). As you can see in the picture, the pink in Plie appears to be a bit more saturated. 

Plie, a color I adore and think of frequently, is a color I have almost never been able to apply well. It nearly always requires three coats to cover streaks, gets thick and gummy, and takes 12 hours to dry even with a quick dry topcoat. I'd given up at one point and taken it to a salon and wished I hadn't.

I really hoped Miso Happy with this Color would *not* dupe Plie's application and it didn't. Application was so smooth and easy. While a bit sheer, with three thin and easy coats, this applied like a toxic, black-label dream. Why am I not wearing this right now, actually?

And oh my gosh. With the sunset starting at 2:30pm and me waking up at 8am at best--I am so sorry for this one terrible picture :( More to come!

Miso Happy with this Color. Artificial Light.

Miso Happy with this Color. Bottle Shot. Sunlight.

Miso Happy with this Color and Plie bottle comparisons. Sunlight.


  1. So yeah, the picture is crappy but your nails are looking great! I love this nude, too :)

  2. Lol. The picture is horrible! Still laughing that you agree. It reminds me of "glamour shots." LOL. This color is amazing and I'm sort of glad I don't have to resort to using Plie again. Actually, you can have it if you want it--a gift, or a curse ;p And thanks for being my seriously loyal blog follower <3

  3. Don't just GIVE it away - use it for a good trade or something.

  4. No, seriously...I don't know if I can trade it. I feel like it might be unworkable. I gave away an RBL basecoat once because it thickened...I can't work with thick polish!