Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yesterdays Nudes

I thought it’d be fun to do a couple of posts on older neutral shades, as nudes and neutrals were my first loves, and today I have Borghese Almondine. It took me quite awhile to track down this one since I first saw it. I had seen some old Borghese displays when they were being discontinued in Rite Aid around the same time and didn’t really relate the two.
Almondine is a unique polish—a yellow-toned nude with black sort of tiny flecked texture. It also has a very, very faint pinkish flash that is more easily visible in the bottle. It’s very difficult to see while wearing, though possible in some lights.
I was not disappointed when I finally snagged this—the formula was great and it wore well. It required three coats and the only difficulty was presented by the crazy brush, which is flat, wide, paddle brush :( which I can usually manage, but just didn’t work with this formula.
Paddle aside, I’m happy to have finally added this unique neutral to my collection.
Almondine. Artificial Light.

Almondine. See the pink flash? Artificial Light.

Almondine. See the black flecks? Artificial Light.

Almondine. Bottle Shot. Artificial Light.


  1. I'm wearing this right now and love, love, love it!

  2. You put it on!?? Awesome <3 Was it your Thanksgiving mani?! hehe...yay!!