Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yes, they're real...

thank you, they're genetic and unattainable. While some things, like a Van Damme middle split may be, I don't believe lovely spike-ish nails to be. However, they may be inconvenient and inappropriate for one's lifestyle.

I could write a novel on my relationship with my nails and our trials and errors and the ridiculous things I've done to try and keep them in shape.

In my opinion, asking a nail fanatic who is trying to grow hers (or his) out if one's nails are natural is the highest of compliments. This is when I know I have succeeded ;)

I remembered Teas-y Does It is the last color I wore before our very painful break up :( 

Some pre-break spam.

Lynnderella Deep Blue Seeing (I think!?), a Milani white.

Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis Prism, OPI Black Onyx

Lynnderella Bride of Franken, OPI Mrs. O' Leary's BBQ

And in September:
Breaking up is hard to do.

Noticeably, they are the longest in this last picture and that of course compromises their strength. And while I did like the way they looked at the time, I have to admit looking at the picture, perhaps they were maybe about 3mm too long. I can their weak spots in the pic and that makes me sad :(

They've been growing back pretty well, but I still feel like I'm wearing nubs. 

What was your worst break? What finger was it on? Nail friends and myself seem to concur they happen on pointer and thumbs. Not surprisingly, these seem to be the most frequently used fingers.


  1. I'm dying over your Bride of Franken combo! I'm currently going through one of my worst breaks right now :( And yes, it's my pointer finger. Actually, both of my pointer fingers are nubs right now, so I cut the rest of them kind of short, so the pointers aren't as noticeable.

  2. Pointer fingers are the devil of breakage. But right now mine have grown back super long. I'm trying to pay extra careful attention to why they break so frequently. Is it typing? And why are you awake so early?!! Yikes! ;p PS. Thank you :) I love that combo, but Mrs. O'Leary's is such a pita to clean up.