Monday, May 19, 2014

Holo Golightly

Here's a very special light blue holo that came as a gift from an amazingly talented, generous, clever...the list goes on...friend :) This creation comes from Emily de Molly and only a few were made as part of a custom order. 

My first EdM polish applied perfectly. Very smooth and not too thick--beautiful color and great to apply (what do I always say about Australia and nail polish? Only the best.). Like so many holos, I had a bit of trouble capturing it and the holo was more intense irl :) I tried some different angles to get different holo effects.

I was extra delighted when I flipped the bottle over and saw the name...Holo Golightly (how terribly clever!!) Oh've really outdone yourself! (thank you)

Holo Golightly. Dark with flash.

Holo Golightly. Sun.

Holo Golightly. Sun.

Holo Golightly. Sun.

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