Sunday, June 15, 2014

or give me death.

Liberty is a beautiful polish in theory. The idea is a perfect mint green with a gorgeous, fine blue shimmer packed with glass fleck. It could probably be pulled off this way by a more skilled hand. However, I lack the patience to let an hour pass in between each coat (each of three coats!) so I only wait about fifteen minutes and it turns out thick and lumpen and sad. 

The color is still stunning and it is a unique polish. If you can deal with the frustrating formula, or you like the RBL formula, I highly recommend it. 

Also, the real reason I haven't been posting as much lately is because my computer is reaching old age. Every time I open iPhoto it takes about five minutes just for it to start. Photoshop...about seven and then quits multiple times during. It's a huge effort to do just a quick crop and color adjust. Such is life. 

Liberty. Sunlight.

Liberty. Indoor light.

Liberty. Sunlight (in the car!).

Liberty. Sunlight.


  1. Beautiful, as always. Are you letting your nails grow back out?

  2. I am, but this is an old, old picture. Wow, how bad am I about not keeping this current? I do love the color, but maybe not worth the effort :)