Saturday, September 15, 2012

All Dolled Up

Dollish Polish was one of the first indies I got excited about because of their beautiful shades and glitters and haven't done a post until now. Strangely though, I can never keep my hands on Gym Tan Laundry, because I'm convinced it's not for my coloring, I'm never happy with the amount of glitters in their clear glitter bases, and then the three polishes I really want are discontinued :( womp

Expecto was one that I had really admired and lemmed for awhile, also unable to get my hands on it. Regardless about my feelings for Harry Potter (hey, I grew up with Harry, but it's not like I'm going to name my golden retriever after him...imo he doesn't look like any golden retriever I've seen) I thought it was a stunning polish look. 

After months, Expecto arrived and I filed my nails into the chicest short nubs I could and prepared. But when I put it on in what happened to be three smooth and silky sheerish white coats with turquoise/teal/blue glitter (I don't like to do three coats but this application happened to go on nice and easy and felt like it needed three), something was missing and I couldn't quite but my finger on it--and not because my polish was still wet. The glorious orange/gold flakies I'd read about and seen were not showing. I took it outside and angled my nails every which way, but to no avail. 

In the sunlight picture, the flakies are visible in the bottle, just a bit, as an orange glow right in the center. I do understand (I think) that the flakies are not supposed to be big blingin' flashy things. Despite this I still think Expecto is a great polish to own because of its smooth application and unique look. I feel bad saying it but I would like just a smidgen little bit of a pinch more magic in my patronum...patronus? I've considered sending an owl to Dolly regarding this issue*

Dollish Polish. Expecto Patronum. Sunlight. Why's the bottle upside down?

Dollish Polish. Expecto Patronum. Shade.

Dollish Polish. Expecto Patronum. Artificial Light. Sorry it's blurry :(

*I have not!! I would never do that! Harry Potter joke! I hope I don't get an owl for writing that O>o (awkward owl face)


  1. I totally agree with you about there being a lack of "magic" in this polish - I felt the same tiny bit of disappointment when I wore EP. Regardless, it looks great on you!

  2. :p you're a doll! I swear though, I saw someone who either photographed it or just got a "magical" bottle where the flakies were maybe three times more apparent and it made a world of difference :) not that it's not good this way too :)