Monday, September 24, 2012

Double Dolls

My favorite Dollish I've ordered has been this pretty one here--Greased Lightning--inspired by the car, what else? :) Red and dark-ish silver (almost gunmetal? But silver) hexes swim in a silky, milky white base. Also, I got the square bottle, woot. 

I actually haven't been doing to great with manis lately--been trying really hard for a water marble or a really special gradient add that to experiementing with four different cameras and trying to add a new photo software, apologies!!

Dollish Polish Greased Lightning. Sunlight.
Dollish Polish Greased Lightning. Artificial Light.

Dollish Polish Greased Lightning Bottle shot. Artificial light.


  1. Such a nice polish. I just followed your blog, please take a look at my blog and if you like you can also follow me :)

  2. I didn't like this in the bottle, but love it on you!

  3. Thanks, Joni! I really like it. If you found Expecto a little lacking--I actually wound up finding this one to be just right :) I think you might enjoy.

  4. Yoli Corner thanks for checking out my blog! I'm visiting yours right now :) This is my favorite Dollish so far :)