Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween Green

Just a quick swatch for your because I’m trying to keep my cat from eating all the paper in the house.
I saw this display at CVS and loved most of the colors, grabbed this Rainforest-y color, Poison Ivy. This is what I hoped China Glaze’s Jolly Holly would be, I just ordered it and it’s not quite blue enough for me. This is a blue/black green and similar to what I imagine my coveted OPI Rainforest would look like in person.
The formula was good and easy to apply. Except for one thing, unless I was imagining it or got a bad bottle, I got these bizarre salt-like crystals in my polish. Am I nuts? I’ve never had this happen before, but I’ve also almost never used Wet N Wild (since high school at least).
For $2 I couldn’t beat this as a Rainforest dupe, or at least cousin.

Wet N Wild Poison Ivy Sunlight

Wet N Wild Poison Ivy Artificial Light

Wet N Wild Poison Ivy Bottle Sunlight

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