Sunday, September 9, 2012


Just realized it's actually been over a week since I posted O.o Zomg, I am sorry--and why am I sorry? Because I actually have FOLLOWERS :D Thank you so much everyone who has become a new follower or was an early follower <3

I've actually been having bad luck with manis lately, not sure what it is! Though I just got a new Wet n Wild Halloween polish--Poison Ivy and will put this up soon. It's one of those dark green shimmer stunners. 

Here is one of the manis I considered to be not such a good one, though I discovered some good things. Deborah Lippmann's My Funny Valentine, which could be, in a pinch, a one coat red.

Inner Space is a really versatile multi-glitter and I think has the potential to look amazing over many colors--some thoughts are white, nude, dark greens, dark blues, black, deep red shimmers maybe. Being that it is called "inner space," it has stars in it. I actually didn't know that until one appeared on my finger. You cannot really see it, but it's on the far right of my ring finger. 

One more thing about this paint job--it's two coats of Inner Space, but the bottle goes fast, as I've only used it for a one-coater before. I assume that it's because you can only fit so much glitter in a little bottle.

Lynnderella Inner Space over Deborah Lippmann My Funny Valentine. Artificial Light.

Lynnderella Inner Space and Deborah Lippmann My Funny Valentine. Artificial Light.

Lynnderella Inner Space. Artificial Light.

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