Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Times

Remember your first John Hughes movie? I think mine was Pretty in Pink. On that note--
Duckie is a gorgeous minty green that I’d recommend as a must for every green-lover’s collection. Easy to work with formula and it looks great over a variety of greens. It is a very sheer jelly with two different sizes of green hex glitters and small yellow gold hex glitter. I like it sheer in three coats, but I know many are not a fan of “visible nail line.”
I also absolutely adore the other three polishes in this collection—Nostalgic’s “Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle—" a nod to the aforementioned movie. I took photos of the other polishes but had some glitter issues, so didn’t use them. Many other blogs have awesome pictures of these on the nail though :) 

Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle. From left: Andie, Duckie, Blane. Sunlight.

Duckie. Sunlight. (sometimes I hold the polish reeeeeally tightly)

Duckie. Artificial Light.
Duckie. Sunlight Macro Bottle.

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