Monday, August 20, 2012


A Shame-*FULL* Nail Mail Post--I hereby pledge to do fewer than one month nail mail post per month. Firstly because I don't have a good nail mail day (or week, ha!) more than once monthly (I consider one package a great day!). Secondly because I get jelly watching the nail mail of package may be Aqua Lily and I'm not sure why it's in its box and it may have been a shamefully begged for purchased O.o

Got some incredibly generous swaps this month--three of these are extras from great swappers (kleancolor, woot!) Two are gifts from my man :) Thank you all <3


  1. I'm jealous of your RBL!! Have you used Black Knight yet? It's sooooo pretty.

  2. I guess I should say the yellow RBL. Is it Square Pants?

  3. COMMENTS!???!? This is too much. ;) I have counted...maybe five cherised rbls among my collection O.o whoa. It is Square Pants! I used Black Knight, but only for toes. It was a bit of a tough application and I felt it was too dark for summer! But soon I'll wear it on my nails. It's a beauty. Very "galaxy" feeling.