Monday, August 27, 2012

Dirt Rainbow

Here's something that I think I may have seen a long time ago, or maybe just in my mind and thought, "wow, I could never do that," or "how is that even possible?" After recently trying my first gradient which was precluded about a month prior to seeing my first gradient tutorial (tutorials intimidate me, like nail art), I decided to try a tricolor gradient. 

Tricolor Gradient + OPI Black Shatter. Sunlight.

 Rainbow Gradient + OPI Black Shatter. Sunlight.

The colors in the mani are OPI Fly and Did it on 'Em from Nicki Minaj collection and Essie Flirty Fuschia (summer '09 neon, if anyone wants to swap something for Funky Limelight, let me know, one of my two boyfriend or a relative?). 

I just got rid of Save Me (the cool mixed bar glitter from Nicki Minaj collection) and would actually like to try Super Bass shatter. I had Pink Friday as well, but after attempting three or four applications, I could not deal with it's formula. Considered Metallic 4 Life as well, but removal of black polish + heavy glitter looks like a nightmare O.o

I was never a huge shatter fan (even in the 90s!) but I think there is a place for black shatter. Maybe a glitter shatter?

Here is what I consider to be the fail safe gradient tutorial--nailasaurus

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