Saturday, August 11, 2012

For Audrey is a color I waited for awhile and has definitely become a staple in most polish lovers' collections. I own quite a few of these aqua and minty shades myself, but formula on them is tricky. For Audrey is no different and it is a little thick and draggy, but not un-doable, it just takes a little patience.

For Audrey. Artificial Light.

 I thought it might look cute with some glitters over it, so I tried some and settled on Aqua Daisy "Me Too," a matte mixed black and white glitter.

For Audrey with OPI Pirouette My Whistle topped with Don't Touch My Tutu, Aqua Daisy Me Too, Icing After Party, $OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild, Sinful Green Ocean

For Audrey with Me Too. Artificial Light.

For Audrey and Me Too, bottles.

I really like Me Too as a substitute for the "original black and white glitter." It applies nicely and has the right shaped glitters for me. However, it seemed to yellow For Audrey ever so slightly. Can you tell?

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