Monday, August 13, 2012

Just a Little Swatch

Not a lot to say, just a little swatch.
Here's Rayanne by Nostalgic. A mizzh schmizz load of purples, pinks, fuchsia, and some silver glitter and a sheer purple base. Easy application and probably best used as a topcoat because it requires three coats for color intensity shown below.

Find her here: She's come out with my favorite collection yet, recently, based what I can glean to be the Breakfast Club. I also loved her Pretty in Pink collection, but had some glitter issues, to be discussed later. If you're worried about that though, Erin of Nostalgic was very pro about exchanging my polishes. These bring back the good old days :)

Three Coats of Rayanne. Sunlight. (Extra long ring finger D:)

Rayanne Macro Bottle.

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