Saturday, August 25, 2012

This Week

I've misplaced my regular camera, but I've still been taking pictures (sometimes) of my nails. I currently have on Lippmann Fashion and Lynnderella Innerspace on the tips which turned out surprisingly well EXCEPT that my bottle of Poshe just decided to gum up and cause massive bubbles (right before a job interview I might add D;). And yes, I added the Innerspace after the interview. 

Since this IS technically a *secret* blog thus far and pretty much knows about it because I'm terribly shy I will very covertly show you my first attempt at a gradient. Brought to you by Helen, my sweetly devilish angel (and my phone cam, sorry).

Glitter Gal Light as a Feather and Glitter Gal Lizard Belly.

I was pretty nervous about doing this gradient, and it could've turned out a lot worse. I decided to do it as an "accent nail" and only do it on some nails. I'm pretty sure that's my right hand, so I did on three there because it's easier for me. Also, I think holographic polishes dry faster, which helped a lot. I wanted it to have more of a slow fade gradation into the white, but my short nails were maybe a factor. 

I tried to use a regular makeup sponge, but that applied almost NO polish to my nails, so I used a regular finely textured kitchen sponge and that seemed to be a fairly small texture to produce a fine finish, though I'd like even smoother. I can hope that practice makes perfect :)

PS. If you can make me a deal I can't refuse on the bigger size of Glitter Gal LAAF, plmk ;p

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