Friday, August 10, 2012

It's been awhile: Chunky Rainbow Sugar (bit pic heavy)

Another major lemming I'd given up on getting. But know. See below. It just happened. What can I say about the polish that has been my number all time indie lemming of all time since I’ve had indie lemmings which has really only been about six months but still six months is a long time to want something think about if you liked a guy for six months or wanted chocolate, okay?
I could list (and have listed) about twenty of the glitter shapes, colors, and sizes that are in Sweets and not be done. However, duplication would probably be lost, even on the most desperate (me!). 
As much as its maker has lost popularity in the public polish eye due to recent unpleasant events, on its own, it is still full of unique pieces I haven’t come across anywhere. The white glitter are not just white—they are white with a faint pinky/gold iridescence (in this light) and some of the whites are semi-sheer. The pearlescence (not a word, apparently) in these pieces is really different, it makes me think of wedding confetti. 
There is also an extremely faint particle shimmer to the sheer milky base that has a color shift so imperceptible that I really can’t tell you what it is or if I’m imagining it or if it’s part of the infamous “purposeful” glitter bleeds.
 This is two coats of Sweets over one coat of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu.
Sweets to the Sweet. Sunlight.

Sweets to the Sweet. Natural light, shaded.

Sweets to the Sweet. Artificial Light.

Sweets to the Sweet. Macro thumbnail shot. Sunlight.

Sweets to the Sweet. Macro bottle shot. Sunlight.
I did get more compliments on this polish than any others so far, which irked me a little, I mean, this was not, inevitably, my best polish job, what with having to spread and chunk on the glitters, don't get me wrong, application could have been much worse. 
But it didn't smooth out even after Gelous, Poshe, and Poshe ;) However, the amazing swapper who sent this to me told me about polishes finding their forever homes and this one has. Unless of course you are prying it from my cold, dead, hands.

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