Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ballou, Bayou, Ballroom?

Bayou Blitz was a long time lemming for sure—as long as I had wanted it, it had not been restocked I couldn’t find it anywhere (except eBay :( = $$$). Then a stroke of luck hit when a sweet gal swapped with me! I've said it before (no I haven't, but I will in the future) and I'll say it again: if you really love a lemming, let it free, and it will come to you.
Bayou Blitz arrived in all of its neon, black light reactive glory, matte glitters ablaze from within. I hadn’t actually thought about it until after application that Blitz is a matte glitter (in a base of gorgeous sheer bluey green neonish wonder). As far as I can remember this is my first matte glitter. I was having application problems, but I think this is probably due to my impatience between coats drying.
I found my base had a little bit of the goo quality that some colored jellies have and that is hard for me to work with because I am polishing challenged. Second try was better for sure, but because it was packed with teeny glitters I found removal to be best with some individual pick off action combined with my regular acetone scrubby jar. Of course there was some fishing action with the gorgeous GIANT glitters, but I don't think it would be possible for there not to be for that sparse effect to take place, which looks great here, imo :)

Bayou Blitz. Natural Light. Angle One.

Bayou Blitz. Natural Light. Angle Two.

Bayou Blitz. Natural Light. Shade.

Bayou Blitz. Flash. Macro.

Bayou Blitz. Natural Light. Macro.

I do wonder the story behind the name on this. As far as I can tell the ONLY thing called Bayou Blitz is this polish. And maybe a band? Maybe my curiousity will be fulfilled when my dream of going to the bayou is realized ;) PS. The Misfits to my knowledge DID NOT cover Ballroom Blitz.

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