Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Brief Interlude

I had to take a quick break from my Sprinkles swatching to show you another sweet polish--one of my fav Pretty and Polished, if not my favorite. This is Candy Coated. Its lovely pinky lilac or lilac-y pink with multi-sized pink and purple hexes seemed to glide onto my nails. It’s versatility allows it to look beautiful in two coats (slightly sheer) three coats (opaque), and one coat (over another polish).
While I normally prefer multicolor glitters, Candy Coated is really a standout for me. Part of it is surely the formula, but the pretty girly-ness of it, without being sickeningly sweet really appeals to me. It's a pretty unique combo, as well. I tried it as a jelly sammich with Beclaus I Said So $OPI and I thought that was pretty cute. I have a crappy picture of this.
I would recommend not using a quick dry topcoat over this, unless you have one that results in minimal shrinkage, because I think I noticed some. It goes on smoothly without a topcoat though, so you may skip all together. I was wondering if Candy Coated is anything like Tart, but I don’t own both. Thoughts?

Candy Coated (two coats). Artificial Light.

Candy Coated (three coats). Natural Light (overcast).

Candy Coated (three coats). Close up.

Candy Coated. Macro.

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