Thursday, July 19, 2012

Glowing Up--One of Several nom de Glow Polishes

My nails still need a little break from the major glitters. I couldn’t get this polish out of my mind all week though so after seeing it at the Walgreens I had to add it for $3.49 (not $1.49! See below) to my purchase and slather it on right away.
As I desperately brushed on this screaming neonish green shimmer with an arresting yellow flash, I was pleasantly surprised by the glide-y and thin smooth application.
After testing WnW’s Spoiled Collection, I didn’t have high hopes for their other special collections, especially since I’ve heard that the Fergie Collection is comprised of many colors from the “Spoiled,” repackaged, renamed, and double the price. See:
Say what? Scandosh. 

The Glowing Stick! Glowstick. Full Sunlight.

Glowstick. Shaded Natural Light.
A very happy surprise, application was pretty pleasant, all except for the brush...the sad, sad, brush. It was a combo of the “Spoiled” fluff n’ stuff brush, the slant Dior/Nicole/that weird Sally Hansen Brush. Not so easy to use for me, but do-able. If you want to do three coats I think it's possible, because I found two to be a tiny bit patchy, but for me (die hard two-coater) three was too thick.

Wear was only about 1 day, maybe two. I used a coat of Gelous, waited and did Poshe, to avoid bubbling. And voila...glowissimo! I'm in glowve. Dare we say...Fergalicious? Eh...

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