Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Do We Have Here :)

Nails Inc, the UK-based polish-maker has released a line of what I will call jelly-sandwich in a bottle polishes called Sprinkles or Special Effects Sprinkles. So far in the US I believe they are only available at select Sephora stores (where I purchased--I had to go in the hidden drawers) or on the Sephora website.

Stock Photo.

Sprinkles is a line of fairly sheer jelly-ish polishishes with smallish hex glitters tossed in. The jelly gives depth to the glitters for an awesome sammichy effect, yay! If I am correct, three of the polishes have three colors of glitters and one has only two colors (but is awesome and I think two is the perfect choice).

There are four colors and I'm lucky or crazy enough to have three of the pretties :) The color I "NEEDED" was the one I keep referring to as brown, though its name is Sugar House Lane. This is what I have on today. 

A friend said she layered one coat and it turned out great. I told her it was reminding me of all the favorite mushroomy colors--OPI Tickle My France-y, You Don't Know Jacques, and $OPI Metro Chic. Maybe RBL Grunge, but not so much as I have only seen this color once in person :( 

Without further ado...

Sugar House Lane. Sunlight.

Sugar House Lane. Flash.

Sugar House Lane. Macro.

Application on this may have seemed a little...lumpy, I guess. But I think that is because the glitter is so incredibly dense and smooths out with topcoat. Because of this and because I did two coats--one coat is absolutely possible, I just felt a little patchy--I decided to give Gelous a shot. I think this was actually a great decision, because even though I put on my quick drying Poshe after the polish was mostly dry (probably because of high glitter content these dry super fast), there was major shrinkage--major shrinkage. Gelous topped with Poshe really helped to lessen that issue. Tasty!

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