Friday, July 20, 2012

Sometimes things don't go exactly how one plans and while I love every flavor of pudding that comes to mind, I had to use a nail wheel for this pudding. Pudding Lane is a gorgeous turquoise possibly teal but I'd say turquoise blue sheer base with two different small hex glitters--a navy and a lime greenish gold. Nails Inc and Sephora say gold for the latter but they look more green to me, which might just be the mix of the blue polish over the gold.

I think Pudding Lane applied similarly to it's counterparts Sugar House and Sweets, maybe closer to Sugar House in that it was a tad thicker, though my brush in this bottle was a funky brush, it's bristles splaying every which way :( imo best method as with many thicker polishes is maximum dry time between. It's easy because these dry pretty fast! 

I used one coat each of Gelous and Poshe on top of each swatch below. I didn't use my own nails for this because after using these other two glitter bombs over the past week, my nails felt like they needed a break from the serious removal process.

As for using Sprinkles as a topcoat, I've seen a couple people do it and it looks awesome! I have layered it below over OPI Teal the Cows Come Home, which was the closest color I had to the base. I think a contrasting color would look awesome under Sweets Way, perhaps a light pink :) perhaps with just using one coat, I wouldn't get the break neck removal :)


Natural Light (overcast). Pudding Lane. Sweets Way. Sugar House Lane (from left).

Natural Light. Pudding Lane. One. Two. Three. One + OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. Two + TtCCH.

IMO in nail "three" and "Two + TtCCH" the extra layers give super depth. But as in One + TtCCH, I think even one coat over a base color looks great.

Artificial Light. Same order as above. I realized I labeled these in the photo, but they came out tiny :(

Pudding Lane. Macro Bottle.

OPI Teal the Cows Come Home and Pudding Lane.

 $40 in one place is a lot for me to drop on polish, yet I realize I don't have a favorite from this line. I wonder if it's because of my failure to buy the pink! I did this because I own two versions of Lippmann's Candy Shop and thought it was close enough. Which is your fav? Which should be mine ;)

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