Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Before I forget anything else about it--I bring you, Hare: the Monster. This cute dusty teal jelly is imbued with deep emerald glitter that sparkles through each coat.

It's sad and embarrassing that I cannot remember if I used two coats or three since I only had this on maybe five days ago. I think it was three though :) each coat built nicely on the other and with a minute or so dry time in between it was a nice jelly application.

I had minimal issues with patchiness as pictured and I'm sure if you are intensely picky about your coverage with a jelly you could do four coats or use this over another color. I am weird though (or lazy) and I prefer to see the true color--or what I call "going commando." I don't often like to buy colors that are meant to be topcoats(!), so it' probably more laziness. Here's the Monster, "commando" ;) hahaha...oh geez.

PS. A bonus! Even though it's packed with glitter, this one seemed super easy with removal ;)

The Monster. Sunlight.

The Monster. Indoor Sunlight. Trying to show the glitter in sparkle mode.

The Monster. Macro Bottle. Indoor Light.


  1. Ah! This looks so good on you! It *almost* makes me want it lol

  2. Well, Magic Mist looks so good on you--but I KNOW it would give me the cray sad carrot hands :( but seriously, on your long nails, it is hand model worthy :DDDD Ty though :) I do dig this!