Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Room continued...

I’ve been having Nail Issues lately! Wouldn’t ya like to have my problems ;) (actually probably not if you’re a nail blogger). The last three polishes I’ve worn, including this beauty, have given me some "tip" issues, but I’m starting to suspect it’s my bottle of Poshe—it’s given me nothing but trouble and bubbles since I bought it at Sally’s. It may have just been old and it’s not getting any younger—I believe it’s causing super shrinkage :( See sad, sad pics—polish has only been on for 12 hours!
/end rant onto the good stuff:
Tonight I bring you a beautiful new green from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and while it was not Insta-Dri for me, I could tell from the bottle that it was going to be worth the wait, long or short. Check out the bottle pics.
An amazing npf (nail polish friend) who knows I’m a green fiend and sent me this beauty, a deep forest green jelly, very sheer but opaque enough in two coats, peppered with almost indistinguishable flavors of glitter. I’ve counted purple for sure, blue/teal or turquoise, or gold/lime/silver, but it’s hard to tell on the latter color because the sheerness of the jelly may be tinting the lighter glitter.
I found application to be smooth and not at all jelly-streaky and I found two coats did well, though I know some like super opaque coverage. I love this color so much, I really want to do some nude/green nail art with it, but I’m not sure it will work out because of the sheerness? I tried a nude gradient over it last night, but the nudes I tried were too sheer (boo). Looking forward to another post on this one!
The tip wear or shrinkage on this is embarrassing :( small pic.

In a Flurry. Bottle Shot. Flash.

In a Flurry. Bottle Shot Macro.

PS. I will not run out of green puns/green themed titles! Watch me ;)

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  1. This color is way more awesome than I thought it would be! And look at those bottle shots O_O I bet your shrinkage is because of Poshe. It was almost as bad as SV for a lot of brands, when I used it (which is why I quit using it).