Monday, October 29, 2012


I'd had an acute lemming for this color--seeing it at stores--I used to dislike it, though now, I really can't remember why. It wasn't quite what I was looking for, yet now, it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I wanted it so much I considered Revlon's Posh--quite similar--then finally ordered it on eBay for $5.

It's a fairly evenly applying creme-jelly hybrid that required three coats for full coverage. I hate applying more than three coats, so you know it requires the three ;) 

As for the color itself, I asked a colorblind "friend" what color this was from a distance in a somewhat dim setting and he said, "blue-ish green." It can look blue in some lights, but is a pretty even green. It reminded me of the two greens I photographed the bottle with--Prismacolor Grass Green marker and colored pencil (not quite a match). Brilliant and vibrant.

Pretty Edgy. Bottle Shot and comparison.

Pretty Edgy. Sunlight.

Pretty Edgy and Happy Holo-daze accents. Sunlight.


  1. As always, this looks great on you! I've looked at this color in stores a million times because I WANT to like green, but I just can't do it :( Ugh, and I'm so jealous of your nails right now!

  2. You're lucky because your hands are so nice that your nails actually look good a little on the shorter side (not that they are short). I have total hand envy! And I think it takes a person with a weird skin tone to wear green anyway...I can't wear normal colors like red, pink, and purple! ;p Sorry for all the greens, love

  3. Awww thanks! I like looking at all of your greens. I'm GREEN with envy that you can wear all of those pretty colors hahahahahahahaha. I'm a dork.

  4. I'm dorky for commenting so late D;