Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's so easy...

wearing green :) Actually this color's application wasn't that easy as the brush was just unpleasant. I can't explain why except that there was this one bristle that was uneven and maybe it was sort of unwieldy. Otherwise it was a nice thin formula (it did require three coats) and while some people are not fans of thin formula, I do prefer them. I believe any bubbles are from the evil bottle of Poshe and while it is one of the first metallic finishes I've worked with, I had few issues with brush stroke. 

It is one of the limited edition shades for fall from the Maybelline "Color Show" line and I had a hard time finding even this one LE shade, even right after the release. Oh big city living. Avante Green didn't disappoint though and flashed blue, green, and gold in different lights. I know we're seeing many of these multichromes (the first ones released recently I can think of were Lippmann's Mirrored Chromes released awhile back) and there is one from China Glaze that echoes Avante Green (or vice versa) in case this one is out of stock. 

Speaking of Lippmann, I do believe this line released a polish very similar to Lippmann's Sugar Daddy mirrored chrome called Pink Cosmo. If only I could find it!

Avante Green. Overcast Natural Light.

Avante Green. Overcast Natural Light.

Panorama Edition! ;) Avante Green. Artificial Light.

Avante Green. Bottle Shot (is it just me or are bottles getting smaller?).

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