Monday, January 13, 2014


I truly thought that during my break I'd have more time. As it turns out I've had significantly less (or so it seems). I still love you, bloggy! At least I have had enough time to take more pictures, AND I finally got my good camera back, YAY, I just need to work on getting them cropped and posted. 

Here's a polish I thought I'd love, but I hate you, polish. HATE. It chipped overnight. It took FOREVER to dry. It still was streaky in three coats (no one else seemed to have this issue). And it was super ugly on me. Swatches of Turn it Around had made it a lemming, but it was a no go.

Also, a pinky nail broke while wearing it. I can't ever in my life remember breaking a pinky nail. So it was just a bad experience.

Speaking of turning things around, I know I could turn my attitude around here, but it's been a tough past month. However, I do have about a dozen awesome polish-y things planned what with all of the amazing generosity and good fortune I have experienced over the holidays <3 (tada, turned!)

Turn it Around. Outdoor semi-sunlight.

Turn it Around. Sunlight.

Turn it around. Close up of magical shimmer. Sunlight.

Turn it Around. Bottle.

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  1. I've never seen this color before. Even though you hate it, I think it looks good on you. Oh RBL....