Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

These are really the kind of resolutions I should be making--the kind that involve avoiding my homework and spending more money on more nail polish. Surely the people in my life will be relieved when they hear of my healthy new outlook on life.

I want to do a couple of new year posts and this will be the first as I already have a few (unstable) leads!

Welcome to my list of polishes I am going to get this year. Inspired by a tradition of one of my biggest bloggess inspirations: pretty-random!

Without further ado:

9. China Glaze. Crocodile Lounge.

8. L'Oreal Future Jade

7. Maybelline Electric Apple

6. Enchanted All Love Garden
(not too htf right now, but expensive. 
I really want Green Goblin, eventually, 
but I am not there yet!)

5. Enchanted Presto Magic--again,
not that hard to find, but I refuse
to pay $50+ for it.

4. Illamasqua Nurture

3. Finger Paints Twisted

2. Lilypad Lacquer Frogs Alive 
This may show up on
Llarowe eventually, but I'm unsure of 
where to get it as of now.

1. OPI Real Teal (or Yosemite) Real Teal maaaaagic,
along with Rainforest and Jasper Jade, has been my
lemming for many years. However, I refuse to even 
mention the *other* OPI polish which from this point 
forward shall be referred to as thee which shall not 
be named, because I will not lem this polish. I just won't. 
And while I've never seen Real Teal, even on eBay, a 
blog sale, or anything it's not like thee which shall not 
be named, which appears on eBay for hundreds. So 
Real Teal, this year, I think we will be friends :)

This is my first new year list and I'm excited to get started. I didn't want to get in over my head and put totally impossible polishes on it, but some of these I've hunted for the past year and never come across. Some are just in a price range I refuse to pay. 

I've also had some great fortune in my finds this year and some amazing, generous gifts from friends as well as swaps and I'm excited to share those! 

PS Yes, I do see that over 60% of my list is green. Hey, it's a small list.

Photo credits:
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8. Babyness on Flickr
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6. Polish Me Up!
5. Unsure, grabbed from pinterest :/
4. Swatch and Learn 
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2. Rockjewel Nails
1. Pretty-Random

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